Pechexport is one of the leading wild shrimp producers of Madagascar

Pechexport operates a freezer trawler fleet capturing mainly shrimps, tropical fish, and crab.

Pechexport has been operating in Madagascar since 1994

World Map
World Map

Pechexport is located in Mahajanga (North West of Madagascar) and operates in the western part of the country within the Mozambique Channel. Our fishing zone expands from Mahajanga to Morombe, a famous regionfor the quality and large size of its shrimps.

Responsible Fishing

Our responsible harvesting methods were developed in partnership with WWF and GAPCM, a local organisation of shrimp producers.

HACCP System

We work under the HACCP system, and are able to guarantee a full traceability from the trawler to the end client.

Certified & Audited

Pechexport has onsite laboratory, audited and certified by the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar.

Our Practices

Our practices are enforced jointly by the local authorities and the GAPCM, guarantying a sustainable resource, together with local employment, positively assisting less privileged communities.

Freshpack, parent company of Pechexport, has the exclusive rights to commercialise the whole production.

Pechexport has authorisation to export to the European Union, China (CIQ approved), and Russia.